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No more am I on the road! I am proud to announce my partnership with Mad Dawg Fitness and I am now located @ 1800 W. SH 29. Clients receive one on one and small group training. Clients will focus on results through motivation, effort and a plan of action. Results come down to how bad do you want it?

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Cancel your gym membership: Train with me, and I’ll pay your membership! Clients have access to the facility during gym hours no-matter which program you’re on. If I’m not actively engaged in something and you’re here on your “off” day, your damn right we’ll be training! You and I both know the more often you train with me, the better your results.

As a parent, watching my son Caleb do what David has provided him with is amazing. He is always trying to do his best with his workouts and his eating habits. If Caleb doesn’t succeed the first time, he does it again until he’s pleased with himself. This is a great motivation for him for his future goals! Thank you 1080 Physique!
— Stephanie R.

Who can train: Anyone! I’ve trained clients from every demographic and view each client as a new story to be a part of. If you’re looking to lose the baby weight, prep for a show, prepare for the summer time, enter the military etc. I want to know your story and guide you down the path to success.  Every program is custom built to the client to assure we are hitting goals and milestones within your capabilities. The doors are open and I’m prepared, are you?


Assessments: As with all of my clients, I believe a fully customized fitness routine is the only effective way for you to reach your goals. This includes assessing your current fitness level and accounting for injuries, strengths and weaknesses. I establish a baseline with my clients and develop a plan to tackle your goals head-on. This means even when you’re not training with me, you will be provided with the exercise protocol to do on your off-days at the facility or other location. I utilize a powerful system called Trainerize which acts as my all-in-one back-pocket accountability and progress tracker. As a client, you immediately get access to this system which acts as a shell for your training program.

My system becomes a data tracker with charts and graphs showing progress!

My system becomes a data tracker with charts and graphs showing progress!

Diet: There isn’t a “one size fits all” when it comes to dieting and nutrition. More along the lines of “if the shoe fits”. In every case, I develop a plan built on your preferences and goals which will be assessed weekly to see if it is providing the desired outcome. I create a meal-plan for each client as well as a macro-nutrient (think IIFYM) breakdown tailored to your needs. You will learn a way of eating so you don’t have to ride the diet roller-coaster.

My diet regimes focus on holistic food choices with macro-nutrient coefficients for Flexible Dieting.

My diet regimes focus on holistic food choices with macro-nutrient coefficients for Flexible Dieting.

Will my training be hardcore?: There is no easy answer for this. How strenuous a workout is dependent on the individual and every program is tailored to account for strengths, weaknesses, injuries and preferences. Training will be as tough as you want it to be. The time-frame in which you want to reach your goals determines your regimen.

Full transparency and dedication: I take on a limited number of clients to ensure each one receives the proper time and service. Keep in mind I hold my clients to a higher standard. This won't be easy, but my knowledge helps make sure it isn't unobtainable. I take pride in organization and going the extra mile. If I make a recommendation, you can expect a explanation behind it! I want to build a community within Team 1080 and hope my clients become a part of it.

Contact/Communication=Accountability=Results: I am confident the combination of training with me, diet and consistency will be the best course of action for taking your fitness goals from a dream and making it your everyday. My system includes a build in messenger which grants you access to me 24/7 for questions, support and motivation. With these elements, your success is only a matter of WHEN instead of HOW.


Want to make a change with your friends? Small group training is available with the same quality of service as my individual training. No excuses now! You’ll train with your friends and progress together.

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With David, I instantly knew he was a good fit for me. I require motivation and accountability when it comes to exercise. I made progress, even when I would say I couldn’t do it. He may have annoyed the heck out of me some days but he had me consistently in the gym. Plus he is a great guy. It feels like he is your friend instead of your coach, but he can be tough!
— Stacey M.