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If you’re looking for answers to your fitness goals and find the wealth of information available to be confusing and sometimes off-putting, I get it. It’s also hard to discern what is applicable to you, your body and your situation. I understand this struggle and will develop a plan so you don’t have to ride that roller coaster.

I take out the questioning: I have a solid, scientific grasp of nutrition and exercise and the struggles people encounter. I know where pitfalls may be and the best approach for tackling obstacles. I am a motivator and believe in a scientific approach to training with research and development. I believe in the client-coach relationship and know what it takes to effectively communicate and analyze feedback.

What's Included: Diving headfirst into a new program can be daunting and sometimes you may begin to ask yourself, “is this the right one”? “Will this finally get me where I want to be?” The answer is yes, because your story and situation is unique, and I respect that fact. A cookie cutter plan and diet may work, but will it work effectively? Will it work consistently? Will you learn anything from it? Most likely not. That is why I develop a fitness regimen specifically tailored to your story and teach you along the way.

Each plan lasts approximately 4-6 weeks at which time we will re-assess and a new plan will be provided. If you don’t have any experience exercising or maybe don’t have the names of the exercises memorized, don’t worry. My programming includes a full exercise library with videos and instructions detailing: Repetitions, sets, timing, tempo, rest periods, circuits etc.

Diet Analysis and Meal Planning: There is not a “one size fits all” approach when it comes to diet. Period. Insert a diet name here ______and understand that that diet may or may not work for you. When I begin the process of analysis and development for a client’s diet protocol, I steer clear from fad-diets and focus on my client’s goals. I provide my clients with a meal-plan and macro-nutrient (think IIFYM) breakdown tailored to their needs and preferences. I have experience in working with those with Celiac Disease, diabetics, those following the ketogenic diet etc. In the end it comes down to “whatever works” because everyone is different.

Lifestyle: Look, I’m not here to restrict your lifestyle and tell you what things are going wrong. I am here to provide you a road map to success and help you overcome the obstacles that may appear. I will never get angry with you for missing a meal, or skipping cardio, or going to the hospital or whatever life event may happen. I am a motivator and want to lift you up even when things are pushing down on you.

Full transparency and dedication: I take on a limited number of clients to ensure each one receives the proper time and service. Keep in mind I hold my clients to a higher standard. This won't be easy, but my knowledge helps make sure it isn't unobtainable. I take pride in organization and going the extra mile. If I make a recommendation, you can expect a explanation behind it!

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I started David’s program in June of 2017. I have tried everything I could think of to lose weight to include diet pills, extreme dietary changes and fad diets. I have fought with eating disorders in the past and didn’t really understand what “healthy” was. David gave me the guidance I wanted and the support I needed to get back to healthy. My whole body has been transformed. I’ve lost 35 lbs and I have my confidence back.
— Melissa F.