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Article: PURSUE HEALTHY: Why you should hire a personal trainer

How many of you have paid for a gym membership and never used it? For some of you, that could be the case right now, a monthly expense you pay only to tell yourself “I’ve got to go to the gym” or “I’ll start Monday.” Whether you need to manage your training program or simply need motivation, here are some reasons to hire a personal trainer.

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Article: PURSUE HEALTHY: Fast Food, You can't afford it.

It’s lunchtime in the middle of the week. Your stomach is attempting to digest itself, and you’ve just walked out the office to lunch. There she is: the Queen, the Golden Arches, McDonald’s. As you head toward it, you begin thinking about a salad, removing the bun from a burger, getting apple slices instead of french fries, a diet coke instead of regular, and skipping the apple pie, right? 

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