Future Endeavors and Making Connections

As I continue to develop my business from the ground up, I tend to fall off the beaten path because there are so many things I want to do. So many ideas on growing and expanding my business as a whole, as well as my own knowledge. My major downfall in all this; social media. I have ZERO online presence on the major social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. 

Two days ago I created an Instagram account specifically for my business. @1080Physique. I see all of these people posting and following and creeping and I wonder to myself. How the hell does this work? What do I provide? Do I take pictures of my food and add a caption? That's boring, I've been eating chicken and rice for years. Do I post motivational posts or fitness related memes? All of these things I answered NO to. 

I am a teacher and a teacher provides INSTRUCTION and CONTENT. I hope this to be a resource for all who visit (not their only resource). An emphasis on original content will be important, as well as making sure the content is relevant. What you can expect from me are what I call One-Sheets. A single post, an article, a picture etc containing relevant, applicable, scientific data regarding fitness. My freebie to you. Take it as one man's opinion and experience backed by science. 

"Chase it till the wheels fall off, then you better be on foot running".-My first supervisor.

david viergutz