Foundations and Personal Plans

Unfortunately, the luxury of blogging took the back burner as my schedule became more and more hectic however, I believe I’ve found a place for it! Many changes to document but only the highlights will be included. First off, the Boot camp has been put on hold, I believe with increased awareness of it’s availability, It will be a success. However, low participation makes it hard to justify. The Boot camp is only successful when participants are present and willing to commit to being a part of the community. This does not mean I won’t fire it up again!

On a personal note, after eating like a horse for several months it’s time to dial back and bring the midsection in (yes, even mine suffers a bit). What better way to stay accountable and show my clients that with effort, results are just around the corner. I don’t have an incredibly fast metabolism, I don’t cut out all of my food or stick to a keto diet or whatever. I simply manage my calories (I’ll post up my daily totals here) and increase my cardio. I play around with higher repetition ranges when lifting but I find the difference in training style only to be a preference. Some lifters stand firm on higher weight lower reps, I, not so much.

Daily Totals: 225g Protein, 100g Carbs, 65g Fat.

Starting Weight 192lbs.

Cardio: 30min Daily

Lifting: 6x/Week.

On the business side of things, my Podcast, The Whey Station, should be finished recording today. The topics covered this week will be my tenants and philosophies as well as a bit of background on me. The main focal point being a deeper look at the current situation of Personal Trainers today and why you should always vet your trainer. Next week, well take a look at what it takes to manage a business such as mine, which tools I use, a quick training rant and another set of tricks to make your fitness journey just a little bit easier.

david viergutz