Exciting Additions!

Earlier this week, I came to a roadblock. I had a client I knew I wanted to help but one thing stood in my way, my pride. This client had all the qualities I was looking for. He was coachable, motivated and knew the value of hard work. We began a discussion as I would with any client with a one-on-one meeting, followed by a general fitness assessment.

However, before this took place, he asked for a service I hadn't thought about. I tried to show him what programs I offered and he simply wanted to show me what he needed. I was hard-headed. Several days passed by, I put my pride aside, considered what he had to say, and scheduled our first work-out session. He crushed it, he sweat, he worked out, and I left his residence, confident I had delivered exactly what he needed. 

So, thanks to him, I launched another program. One-on-one personal training. I come to you. I bring the equipment, and I train you. So here it is, I'm calling you out Rick. Thank you for helping me to see this potential. 

david viergutz