Back in the swing of things.

Been away for a bit, focusing on moving into my new house with my girlfriend  (yikes!). I've begun a massive push into filling up my clientele and starting prep. I have a show coming up in March 2018. 

My mindset towards the show is that of how I would view a competition. I am trying to be the best on the stage, but also improve on my previous stage package. I know where my faults were last season (diet) and I do not plan on having that same issue. Over the year I have learned how to successfully manage a bodybuilding-style diet while working 12 hour shifts as a police officer.

Few Tips:

Prep 3 days worth of food to ensure freshness (shelflife of cooked chicken is about 3 days, then it starts looking questionable).

Take the 3 minutes to prepare breakfast at home. (eggs/oatmeal/toast)

Look for low/no calorie drinks, especially when you're tired.  The sugar spike has a short burst of energy followed by a crash.

While on shift, do not think about fast food, think grocery store. Purchase something that has a label on it. (Canned chicken is almost always available, little salt and pepper is all that's needed)


david viergutz