Article: PURSUE HEALTHY: Why you should hire a personal trainer

How many of you have paid for a gym membership and never used it? For some of you, that could be the case right now, a monthly expense you pay only to tell yourself “I’ve got to go to the gym” or “I’ll start Monday.” Whether you need to manage your training program or simply need motivation, here are some reasons to hire a personal trainer.


Once the issue of getting to the gym is solved and you’re following a program, oversight becomes the issue. For some, you can be your own accountability. For some, you have what it takes to hold yourself to whatever standard you’ve set for yourself. For most, this isn’t the case. Your goals are your trainer’s goals, and, if they’re like me, they’ll aim to get you there while emphasizing your strengths and improving on your weaknesses.


The scale is a liar and, often, just seeing the numbers twitch slowly downward isn’t enough motivation. After four weeks of consistent training and dieting, you should see results. Great, now keep going. Your trainer becomes a much-needed push in the right direction as your journey gets tougher. Your trainer should also lift you up and support you in your goal. 

While your family and friends are a great help, a trainer is a neutral party and has a good idea of what you’re going through. Believe me: They see it every day! With that being said, your trainer should be personal and aim to put your whole situation together and develop a plan based on that.

Guidance and Instruction

There is a massive storage place for fitness information called the internet. Now pick through it all and find which of it is safe, effective, pertinent, and applicable to you. That’s what your trainer is for: taking the massive amount of fitness information and situations and applying them to your case. 

Personal trainers care about your health, and, unfortunately, there is a lot of snake oil being sold and unsafe practices being vetted as the next fitness solution. Trainers want to keep you safe and your efforts effective. A trainer will sift through the garbage, respond to questions, and hopefully explain some of the science behind their programming.

Life skills

Just getting to your goals should be the goal. Hopefully, you will have learned something along the way, both about yourself and about fitness and nutrition in general. It’s a massive win for both you and your trainer when they’ve not only helped you reach your goals but taught you something along the way. 

Except in a few rare cases, your body is a reflection of your lifestyle. A personal trainer will give you the tools, techniques, and motivation needed to positively impact your lifestyle and, hopefully, only target the good stuff.