Article: PURSUE HEALTHY: How to "Hack" your day

What‘s your daily routine? Do you eat first? Exercise? Or, does nothing move until coffee is brewed? 

Whatever the case, what’s your next step? Do you often feel pressure from the clock? Do you ever feel like you run out of time during the day? If you feel like you can better manage your time, here are a few ways I encourage my clients to “hack” their day.


Time management is more of a management issue than a time issue. We are all allotted the same amount of time during the day, and it’s up to us how we use it. Have you ever sat down and made a list of the things that ate your time for the day? Did you find areas of your day that could have been better spent? 

Make a list of your daily tasks. Now, organize them by how easy they are to complete. Start at the top.


I don’t like math, but this is simple enough that I’ll fight through it. There are 24 hours in the day, which is 1,440 minutes. If you exercise 60 minutes a day, you’ve spent 4 percent of your day. Make fitness a priority; if you have Facebook, you have 4 percent of your day you can give up. One option is making something inconvenient work for you. My daily carry bag for work is also my gym bag. Having clothing and items I need for the gym together with my daily work bag means I get to look at my gym stuff consistently as a reminder.


Often, we are presented with a choice that can normally be prevented in general. Which fast food do I want today? The only reason being we didn’t prepare the night before. Preparing meals at home is both cost-effective and health-effective with the majority of pre-packaged food STILL being better than fast food (in general). Also, we are more likely to include healthier alternatives from home because the majority of us do not keep fast food items as a staple within the household.


Now the issue has become not wanting to prepare meals because it can be time consuming (see Time Management). An easy solution to an already easy solution (prep meals in advance) is to prepare meals in bulk. My secret recipe to meal prep is my slow cooker. Toss 1-3 pounds of boneless, skinless chicken breast in the slow cooker on high for four hours and do something else. Season to taste. Portion out between 3-5 ounces per meal, and you’ve got an easy weeks’ worth of lunch and you didn’t even have to cook it.

Congratulations, you’ve made laziness work in your benefit. If you have a goal in mind, and you’re determined, you can become very motivated toward your goal. However, if you’re also lazy and you have a goal in mind, and you’re determined, you can get good at being lazy. Laziness plus determination equals efficiency.