My name is David "Goose" Viergutz. I am a Certified Personal Trainer,  Nutritional Counselor and fitness expert. 

Why 1080 Physique?:  In Texas, 10-80 is generally known in the Law Enforcement Community as a vehicle pursuit. Pursuit. This is the key to my training. The pursuit. Constantly chasing a healthy lifestyle. 

My Beliefs: 

  • health is not a destination but a journey.

  • health is a struggle between convenience and conscience and food should not be feared.

  • proper programming, scientific approach, dedication and the will to change are the most valuable assets in implementing lifestyle changes.

  • Knowledge is power, clients are encouraged to ask, Why?

Bio: Originally from the east coast, I grew up clearing my plate, asking for seconds, being told to eat more greens and always eat breakfast. Until my love for health and fitness took off, I never asked the major question; why? I knew greens were good for me, why? I knew regular exercise was good for me, why? It wasn’t until I joined the Army did I begin to turn my focus towards improving my performance, strength and overall health.

After my military career, I turned my focus to Law Enforcement. I became a full time Peace Officer in rural Texas. My time in both the military and Law Enforcement taught me that no matter the schedule, no matter the trials, no matter the changes, a healthy lifestyle can be achieved with the proper planning and guidance.

I have worked as a traditional Personal Trainer at your run of the mill box gym and experienced the frustration of being limited in my ability to guide and direct a client towards their goals. I do not want money to be a limiting factor to achieving your goals, that is why I believe Personal Training in most box gyms/health clubs to be ineffective. It boils down to not enough bang for your buck with prices I have seen at $75.00 a session!

Cut the bull, cut the gimmicks, cut the questioning and let's work together towards your goals.


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